04 April
2023 Tax Strategies


In this presentation, we will discuss the following topics:

  1. Key Tax Rules
  2. Roth Conversions
  3. Health Care Laws and Your Taxes
  4. Distribution Actions
  5. Tax-Smart Asset Allocation
  6. Gift Tax Exclusions
  7. Treasury Securities and Tax-Exempt Municipals
  8. Giving Appreciated Assets to Charity

We will cover the latest tax rules and regulations, and how they can affect your retirement planning. We will also discuss the different ways to save and invest for retirement, and the impacts of each. Finally, we will cover some of the tax implications of retirement distribution actions, and how to minimize your tax liability.

This presentation is designed for anyone who is planning for retirement, or who is already retired and wants to make sure they are taking advantage of all of the tax benefits available.

Date and Time

Tue, Apr 04, 2023

6:00p - 6:45p EST


Zoom Webinar


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