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Tax Planning

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For many people, taxes are only thought about when it comes time to file each year. Too often, we see how failing to address taxes early impacts retirees by causing surprise tax bills, lower take-home social security income, and even higher Medicare premiums. We utilize a sophisticated tax planning software to help identify opportunities such as tax-efficient retirement vehicles, charitable giving strategies, realizing capital gains, Roth IRA conversions, tax credit eligibility, and more. Our team of financial professionals analyzes your financial situation and provides personalized recommendations to help you minimize your tax liability and maximize your savings.

A professional review of your return can benefit anyone who pays income tax and is a great way to see how taxes fit into your overall financial plan. At worst, we'll review your return and conclude you are currently maximizing every available tax saving opportunity.  Alternatively - and more frequently - we'll identify a handful of tax saving opportunities, both in the current year and in future years.


An electronic PDF copy of your most recent tax return. That’s it. Click the button below to reach out and we will provide a secure login where you can safely upload your tax return.