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How We Work

We focus on comprehensive financial planning because we believe that investments should be determined by a client’s personal situation, rather than generic assumptions based on age or other misconceptions. That is why we go through a detailed financial plan with every client before giving a recommendation for their portfolio. This means that we look at all aspects of your financial health like retirement planning, estate planning, tax efficiency, risk management, college funding and more. We take time to understand your goals, needs, and desires both within and outside of your investments.

This allows us to offer exceptional customer service and provide guidance on many topics. While we provide guidance on topics like portfolio management, tax efficiency, and insurance planning, we’ve specialized in the following areas below:

Job Transition

Since job transitions and periods of unemployment can greatly impact your finances, it’s wise to plan for these unexpected events. We can guide you through these uncertain times with discussions on the following topics.

  • Severance and cash management
  • 401(k) options
  • Pension planning
  • Replacing Insurance (Life, Health, Disability, Long-Term Care)

Retirement Income

Most financial planners can claim they help you grow your financial nest egg. But do they address the other half which involves using that nest egg to provide a steady, reliable source of income during retirement? We build custom models based on your data and goals to show you how to accomplish this. Besides investment guidance, we also implement distribution strategies to establish and strengthen a post-retirement income source.

Specific retirement income planning areas involve the following:

  • Social Security optimization
  • Tax-Efficient distribution strategies
  • Roth conversion strategies
  • Required Minimum Distribution planning


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Retirement Income Planning

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For more information about our firm and the services we offer, send us a quick email or call the office. We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you.   |  877-772-3744